June 2, 2011

Pro-life rankings

So, if you've been reading my blog lately, you've probably noticed a lot of layout changes.  Yes, I change things a lot.  But I think I finally found how I want it to look, so hopefully it will stay the way it is now.  Yay!  But this post isn't about the artistic developement of my blog, but about the pro-life activity going on in each state.  So, here we go:

States have been ranked according to their level of pro-life inclination and activism.  I live in Washington.  Washington, right now, is the lowest on the list.  A good friend, after I told him about it, said, "Well, you picked a good place to start!"  All those who live in Washington who are reading this, I especially challenge you to work hard at letting our senators, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, both Democrats, know what we feel about abortion.  Also, when the next state legislative session begins, we will definitely need to be very active in letting our legislators know that abortion is wrong!  Now, those of you who live in California (I used to), you are ranked #49.  You should be equally active in letting your senators know what you think about abortion!  Your senators are Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, also both Democrats.  I will post the complete rankings:

1.      Oklahoma
2.      Louisiana
3.      Pennsylvania
4.      Arkansas
5.      Texas
6.      Nebraska
7.      Missouri
8.      North Dakota
9.      South Dakota
10.  Georgia
11.  Indiana
12.  Mississippi
13.  Kentucky
14.  Virginia
15.  Kansas
16.  Ohio
17.  Michigan
18.  Arizona
19.  South Carolina
20.  Minnesota
21.  Alabama
22.  Wisconsin
23.  Idaho
24.  Colorado
25.  Utah
26.  Florida
27.  Rhode Island
28.  Tennessee
29.  North Carolina
30.  Delaware
31.  Maine
32.  Wyoming
33.  West Virginia
34.  Iowa
35.  Illinois
36.  New Hampshire
37.  Alaska
38.  New Mexico
39.  Massachusetts
40.  Maryland
41.  New York
42.  Oregon
43.  Nevada
44.  Connecticut
45.  Montana
46.  New Jersey
47.  Vermont
48.  Hawaii
49.  California
50.  Washington
This is all recent and was compiled this year, 2011.  To view that page, click here.  It was compiled by AUL Action, a site trusted by many legislators to give recent and accurate information concerning abortion.  In a previous post, I talked about this website and how they can give you the issues at hand in your state.  To view this post, click here.  I hope this is helpful to you all to know where your state stands in the pro-life world!

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