May 19, 2012

Some of the latest news...

Chen Guangcheng.  If you haven't heard of him, Chen is a Chinese anti-abortion advocate.  An advocate with his cause is not very much appreciated in China, a country well-known for it's one-child policy.  I probably won't have time to write a whole post on him myself, but please look at this awesome article about Chen on Abort73:
What's a pro-abortion president to do when global sentiment compels him to aid an anti-abortion activist? Such is the plight of President Obama in regard to Chen Guangcheng. Abortion, of course, is only the back-story to this growing, diplomatic crisis, but it's at the heart of Chen Guangcheng's activism. There would be no crisis if he'd simply minded his own business. Instead, the now globally-recognized, "barefoot lawyer" formally challenged the town of Linyi's forced abortion policy. His courage and conviction netted him six years of imprisonment and abuse–until he escaped from his captors last week and fled to the US Embassy in Beijing. His getaway has been called "a real Chinese version of The Shawshank Redemption"–though it remains to be seen whether Chen will enjoy a Hollywood ending. Yesterday, the US Embassy released him back to Chinese authorities, assuring the world that a favorable agreement had been reached. Subsequent reports make their assertion less certain...  To read the rest of this article, click here.
The confusion comes when our own president, a very pro-choice, pro-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood president grants Chen Guangcheng safe travel to America because of Chen's stance on abortion.  I'm guessing we probably never will understand how that even makes sense, but the irony is huge. 

Chen Guangcheng has been given visas for him and his family.

Mammograms.  Sounds like Planned Parenthood is finally getting going on those mammograms they've been promising us for a while.  However, the case still stands that it's only because the Komen Foundation is giving them to Planned Parenthood, and that only in Phoenix, Arizona.  It's still unclear though as to who actually will be conducting the mammograms, Planned Parenthood or Komen?  To read more, click here.

Canabilism and Abortion?  I recently linked to an article about the "stamina booster" pills made from aborted fetus bodies.  Does this happen in other places than just in China?  If you can handle reading more details, click here to read a post by my good friend Becca French about both the pills and another example happening in our own country.

Neal Rylatt.  Just a couple days ago, Neal Rylatt, a young pro-life leader, passed away from leukemia.  He was heavily involved in the pro-life movement in highschool, and when college came his way, he got involved in Students for Life.  Please be in prayer for his family.  To read more, click here.

SBA list.  Check out the latest video from the Susan B. Anthony list entitled "Womanhood".

Interesting, huh?

Hope you enjoyed this news post.  You might be seeing more of these in the future!


  1. I like news recap posts! And I'm flattered that you linked to me :)

    1. Well, you do post more regularly than I do (that's hard to believe, huh, haha) and you always have awesome quality posts:) Why wouldn't I???:)


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