About Aubry

Aubry, Founder, Writer, and Editor

I got involved in the pro-life movement after I heard Abby Johnson speak about why Christians should fight abortion. God had been working on my heart prior to that--I felt the call, but I didn't want to respond. Once I heard Abby speak, and my parents talked to me, I finally gave it over to God. For a couple days after this, I knew I needed to do something, but I didn't know what yet. I did some research on abortion, and the pictures I saw of aborted babies forced me to close my computer and walk away. I went to my piano and wrote a song. The song was about a girl who had an abortion, her journey through that, and the effects it still had on her twenty years later. This was the beginning of it all. God gave me the idea for this blog, and I started it excitedly, looking forward to what God could do with it. I didn't know that God was thinking of something different than me (doesn't He always?? It's a beautiful thing!).  I am now volunteering at my local Crisis Pregnancy Center, Life Services! It took me a while because I was scared. And I say that for your encouragement. I have almost nothing in common with many of the girls who become clients to places like Life Services, so I thought I had nothing to offer.  But, God has shown me that even I can serve in this movement.   Is it the same with you? Maybe you feel like you aren't talented enough in anything, or you mess up all the time.  I know exactly what that feels like!  But, God can use you! And if you are weak, He can use you even more wonderfully than if you were strong.
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