November 26, 2011

Testimonies: Suzi Caughran, Part 2

As promised, here's the second part of Suzi Caughran's amazing testimony.  After this, there will be two more parts.  Enjoy!

I had a “best’ friend that hung out with me and partook in my favorite activities. I thought I was having fun…I mean wasn’t I? I lived this life style for sometime…….went home with almost any guy that paid attention to me, and gave myself freely to them. Afterwards, I always hated myself. The first time I found myself pregnant I was scared to death…..never once did I identify that I had a baby in my womb. This time frame was shortly after abortion was legalized, thanks to Roe v. Wade. The only thing I was focused on at that time was finding a doctor who could abort it for me. I remember a friend of mine who had an abortion, so I contacted her. My mom overheard this conversation and was shocked. She drove me to my abortion and told me that if my father ever found out, “he would kill me”. So, I had the abortion and continued punishing myself by giving myself to men.

A few years went by and I was pregnant again! Wow…….looked up the doctor who performed the first abortion and was back on his table…..tears streaming down my face. Still, to this day, I am amazed at how strong denial can be, how much I was able to de-sensitize my actions.

I did end up marrying for the first time, at age 26, the only person at that point in my life that had asked. I said yes, because I figured I would never be asked again. I married a drug addict, and thought of course I could fix him. It ended 2 years later in divorce. So, again…….I continued to ruin my self…and all the while, thought I was punishing the guys. What a funny statement that is!

I finally starting working for a computer company and landed a great job. It was great, because my boss was a cocaine addict and alcoholic and so were most of my co-workers. I loved cocaine…it made me feel on top of the world. Brought me out of my shyness and I could talk to anyone! I am loving my life…right?! Going out, traveling, paid well……I have made it!

I finally decided to leave So. California and moved to Seattle area. There I met a wonderful man who had a great job and was interested in me! I couldn’t believe that he was interested in me! So, we started dating, and shortly after that, he moved into my apartment and we played marriage without the marriage license. Again, wow ….I am 30 yrs old now….I am pregnant! I told my boyfriend at the time I was keeping this baby. He was adamant about aborting this child. I was adamant about not aborting. I was told if I kept the baby, he would leave and would not financially support either of us. I gave in……..I was very weak…and quite obviously not following God. I scheduled an abortion in Bellevue. He gave me the money and dropped me off. I layed on that table as the suction was going and cried. I wanted to die. The nurse tried to soothe me and tell me it was okay. Later, I was picked up and brought back home.

I woke up that next morning and couldn’t even have water touch my body. I had a 104 degree temp and was very sick. My boyfriend left to go to work, and I called the doctor. They had me come in. I drove myself to the doctor and laid on their floor till they could fit me in. I had an infection from the abortion, which is quite common. If they do not remove all the baby parts, they can cause an infection. I was very sick for about a month. I did finally physically recover.

Stay tuned!


  1. AGH! Aubry! Ok, plus side: You'd be great at marketing, or public relations, or any other career where the objective is to draw people in. Downside: I want the rest of the story! (This was a great idea).

  2. Lol, it was my dad's idea, since the story was too long to put it into one post. Promise...I'll have the rest of the story posted up soon! I'm seeing Suzi on Monday (w00t) and I'll let her know that people are on the edge of their seats! She'll be excited:)


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