October 21, 2011

Why Christians?

What makes fighting abortion our responsibility?  We're not supposed to be in the world, right?


Yes, you read correctly.  And you might be going, "Whaaa??"

Me too, for a while.  Christ tells us to be in the world, but not of it.

So now you get it.

Some examples to back up my point.  Think of almost any godly character in the Bible: Moses. Abraham. Lot. Joseph. Jacob. Isaac. Daniel (big one here!).

Abby Johnson post

I was reading on Abby Johnson's blog the other day (abbyjohnson.org) and I came across this post:

Last year, I took my whole family to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., including my 4 year old daughter, Grace.  She frequently goes out to the abortion clinics with me to pray.  She knows what it means to be pregnant.  She has a very simplified understanding of abortion.  She had never been exposed to any graphic signs.  I knew she would be at the March for Life.  I didn’t know what she would say or how she would handle it, but I didn’t want to hide them from her.

October 13, 2011

40 Days for Life story

Since 40 Days for Life is the featured organization of the week, I thought it fitting to share this story.  I got this email from Shawn Carney the other day:

A visibly upset young woman and her mother had just
walked out of the abortion center where the 40 Days
for Life vigil is going on -- and walked right up to
one of the prayer volunteers.
She had been advised to have an abortion because she
had difficulties in her life.

October 9, 2011

Weekly Featured Pro-life Activity...New This Week!

Have you ever wondered, okay, so I know why I should do something about abortion, but I don't know what to do!!!  Yeah, realized, we haven't been too good about giving you options, because there are a lot of them.  So, here is how we are attempting to remedy that problem.

We will have Weekly Featured Pro-life Activity!  And that's just a fancy title for things to do in the Pro-life movement.  This could be as simple as a website that has some special quirk about it, or it could be as major as a National Organization that you can become a part of.  We'll have a page where the information on the activity idea will be posted and a button on our main blog that leads to the page.  Feel free to copy that button to your site every week!  It will give us more publicity and it will help those interested in doing something active to get ideas of what's out there.

So, I hope this is helpful to some of you, and thanks, as always, for reading our blog!


The We Can't Ignore Team

October 6, 2011

The Scarlet Letter

But she named the infant 'Pearl,' as being of great price--purchased with all she had--her mother's only treasure!  How strange, indeed!  Man had marked this woman's sin by a scarlet letter, which had such potent and disastrous efficacy that no human sympathy could reach her, save it were sinful like herself.  God, as a direct consequence of the sin which man thus punished, had given her a lovely child, whose place was on that same dishonored bosom, to connect her parent forever with the race and descent of mortals, and to be finally a blessed soul in Heaven!
~Nathaniel Hawthorne in The Scarlet Letter

Are you familiar with the book, The Scarlet Letter?  It really is an amazing piece of literature, and it has to do so much with what is happening in the pro-life movement!  It offered me so much insight about the problems we face today in the pro-life movement.  This piece of gold in particular I'm going to share with you.