October 21, 2011

Why Christians?

What makes fighting abortion our responsibility?  We're not supposed to be in the world, right?


Yes, you read correctly.  And you might be going, "Whaaa??"

Me too, for a while.  Christ tells us to be in the world, but not of it.

So now you get it.

Some examples to back up my point.  Think of almost any godly character in the Bible: Moses. Abraham. Lot. Joseph. Jacob. Isaac. Daniel (big one here!).
Shadrach, Meshac, & Abednego. Esther (had to throw a girl in there, plus she's pretty much my favorite!). Hey, and Ruth too! David, even. Solomon (he was godly towards the end of his life). Elijah and Elisha. Any of the Christian Gentiles in Acts. Paul (huge there!). John. And I could go on all day probably.  But all of these people in the Bible have one thing in common: they were immersed in pagan culture, yet they were still faithful to God, and honored God through it all.

I'm going to use the example of Daniel for a moment.  He, at a somewhat young age, became the pagan king's eunuch, eventually earning favor with him to become a trusted advisor after interpreting a dream the king had.  That is the perfect opportunity to influence for God and to be active in His Kingdom: politics!  Some Christians think we shouldn't be involved, but we totally should!  Our country was founded on the Christian faith, so why are we veering farther and farther away from how our fore-fathers intended it to be?  Daniel is a perfect example of being in the world but not of it.

Okay, Esther (probably just because I like her a lot:)).  She was kind of like Daniel.  She married the pagan king, being a Hebrew, but the king didn't know it.  Until he was tricked into decreeing that every Jew would be massacred on a certain date.  Esther, bravely (and being very politically-incorrect, mind you) spoke to the king and asked him to save her people.  Because of her, a whole race was saved, since they were able to defend themselves.  What an amazing parallel to what Christians should be doing today.  And it just came to me on accident (okay, probably not, God definitely had something to do with it:)).

By being politically incorrect, something it seems everyone is scared to do these days, we could save lives.  Is it worth it to you?  I hope so.  At the risk of losing friends, losing a job, losing good grades, can we stand up for the life of an unborn child?  Now, I don't necessarily mean that you have to go hold graphic signs at a street corner and yell at people, but...

What would happen if you bought a t-shirt from Abort73.com and started conversations with people about abortion.  What would happen if you wrote a school paper on the topic of abortion?  What would happen if you got involved in the pro-life movement, maybe volunteered at your local CPC or prayed outside of abortion clinics, and talked about it.  What would happen if you sent a copy of the 180 video to your family members?  What would happen?  You might lose things like grades, relationships, jobs, big time.  But you would gain something even more valuable, something eternal, something like life.  You could be directly involved in spreading awareness about abortion and saving lives!  I mean, come on, how cool is that?

*Side Note* I didn't know how amazing a ministry the pro-life movement is to be a part of until I became a part of it.  I found myself thinking, "I thought I was passionate about dancing!  This is real passion!"  You can be a part of it too!  And then you would find out how amazing it really is!! *  *

I share the examples above of these Bible characters to show that God really does want us out there, out there being active for what we believe, and really the amazing gifts that God has given us.  We sing in church about giving our life back to Him since He gave His to us, but what do we do to truly do that?  (Wow, only I would use "do" three times in only one section of a sentence, but hey, this blog is about "doing" is it not?)  Is God calling you to become active in the pro-life movement?  Or maybe He's calling you to do something else.  Either way, I encourage you to respond!  Sooner rather than later is always best, that coming from the long time it took me to actually respond to God in this area.  If something makes us uncomfortable (a huge one for our church in this country is abortion), that uncomfortable feeling isn't something to ignore.  Is it something we should pray about?  Is it something we should actively fight?  It's not just going to go away if we just pretend like it isn't there (kind of like when your mom tells you a chore that you need to get done isn't going to do itself!). 

So, with that, I encourage you to be like Daniel, Esther, and all those others I mentioned.  Be in the world, know what's going on in the world*, but don't be like the world, or of the world.  Does this mean politics for you?  Does it mean being active in the pro-life movement?  Does it mean becoming a missionary?  What does it mean for you?  I know it means something, if you're a Christian, your purpose in life is to bring glory honor God.  So please, respond to the call for action.  God is the One calling!



*I don't really agree with those who say we shouldn't watch the news or get the news anywhere on the internet, because we really should know what's going on in our world.  That way, we know what needs help, who needs prayer, what we can do, and then we're also educated on what our world believes right now, that way we can know exactly how to refute anything a non-Christian comes to us with.

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