January 30, 2012

Turn the Tide, 2012

You might have noticed the video at the top of the blog called Turn the Tide.  It is a video made by Students for Life (they actually happen to be the featured prolife activity this month) and when I saw it, I was quite inspired!  If you visit the website, http://www.turnthetide2012.com/, you can see the stories of all of the people that they mentioned in the video.  I love how they emphasize that this is a new year.  The tide is surely turning!  We may not see it in our everyday lives, but when we go looking for it, there are beautiful surprises waiting to be found.  A few things that have happened this year are:

And these are just a glimpse of all that has happened in 2011 (I know, I'm really late in the "looking back at 2011" post).  Enjoy the video and share it on your blogs, facebook, and twitter to spread the word!



January 24, 2012

Testimonies: Amanda Young, Part 1

I met Amanda Young for the express reason that we are probably the two youngest volunteers at Life Services, my Crisis Pregnancy Center.  When I found out about Amanda's amazing story, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask if she would be willing to share her testimony on the blog.  Please enjoy this inspirational story! (two parts)

The main reasons that Christians are not pro-life, or are not involved in the pro-life movement is because they think that abortion is okay in cases or rape or incest, or they think that things such as abortion or crisis pregnancies are not happening in the church. Or better said, their church. To put it plainly, I am an example of all of these things. When I was 15, I was raped by my second cousin and became pregnant as a result. I was also regularly attending Calvary Spokane.

Whether you want to believe it or not, abortions are happening right in front of you! Abortion numbers do not change in the church, in comparison to “the rest of the world.” Which means, neither do crisis pregnancies. Certainly, neither does sexual brokenness. Remember, none of us are perfect, so don‘t shy away from those caught in sin, because you are just as twisted up as they are!

I am lucky enough, and extremely blessed, to be able to say that when I found out I was pregnant, a woman from my church told me about Life Services. When I came to Life Services, I believed I was a Christian. But, like the majority of Christians, I always thought that abortion was okay in cases of rape. To be totally honest, I had never really thought about abortion at all. I had never dealt with it, or heard anyone talk about it. I thought it wasn’t my concern, so why waste my time thinking about it? When I found out I was pregnant, everything changed. I used to think that abortion was okay in cases of rape, but now I was the girl who was pregnant as a result of a rape. I used to be able to say whatever I wanted to say about it, but now it was me in that situation. It was something I had to actually figure out for myself. Because I had never given any thought to it before, I had to start from the very beginning.

When I first came to Life Services, I was hoping to hear that my previous assumptions about abortion were right. I wanted to hear that abortion was okay in cases of rape. I also remember saying, “God will still love me… even if I do have an abortion…” I wanted to hear that it would be okay for me to have an abortion.

I thought that something as huge as a pregnancy was way too much for me to handle. I didn’t think that there was any way I would be able to get through it. I felt unbelievably scared and hopeless. But God gave me hope, and eventually the strength to continue my pregnancy and give my baby up for adoption.

My consultant at Life Services gave me hope. She could have done what was easy. She could have told me what she knew I wanted to hear. But she didn’t, and I am so thankful for her courage. She shared the absolute truth with me. She shared the Gospel with me. She showed me how God really felt about abortion, without watering it down. The truth is, that abortion is never justified. She told me the truth, and the truth hurt. It was not easy to hear, and I’m sure that it was not easy for her to say.

My consultant shared some wonderful news with me that day as well. She told me that God still loved my baby! God still had amazing plans for my baby! She was fearfully and wonderfully made by God, Himself. Nothing could be more precious.

Life Services shared with me the very light that is God. They showered me with love, just like Jesus would have. That is my favorite thing about the volunteers at Life Services. They put all judgment aside. They are truly there for the women who need them. They love the women who have never felt real love in their lifetime. They give hope to the hopeless. The work they are doing every day is unbelievably beautiful. Because of the honest truth that God revealed to me through my consultant at Life Services, my baby is alive today. She is so beautiful, and so happy. As I mentioned, I had an open adoption, and the family I selected is absolutely wonderful. We picked the name together. We decided on Elliana, which means, “An answer from God.”

Stay tuned for the rest of Amanda's story!

January 23, 2012

Rick Santorum and Abortion

Rick Santorum recently sat down for an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan. They spoke about many topics, but the one that caught my eye was abortion. Here's Rick Santorum speaking with Piers on Santorum's stance on abortion: Watch the video here.

Programming Note

Quick programming note: We Can't Ignore is adding a new page! We're starting a page named "Current Events," and we will address current events in the world of abortion there. If you have any questions, comments, or events/news you'd like us to look at, shoot us an email at wecantignore@gmail.com  or comment on any of our posts. Thank you for reading this and I hope this page educates and encourages you.

In Christ,

January 19, 2012

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is coming!  In four days, in fact.  A lot of our churches will have baby bottles from their local Crisis Pregnancy Centers so that church-goers can fill one with loose change.  Some pastors might be giving a special prolife message, or a prolife video may be played at the beginning of service.  What did your church do?  Comment on this post!

Could all of us pray that this Sunday will be one to remember?  Could we pray that God would call on believers to give of their time and money to help girls and babies in need?  Could we pray that this Sunday would bless the Crisis Pregnancy Center workers who work (mostly without being paid) day in, day out, to reach out to girls who are in crisis and who need the Gospel?  Could we pray that this, the 39th anniversary of the historical bill, Roe v. Wade, would blow the world away because of our (the Church's) response to the prolife message talked about near and far?

Thanks soooo much for praying!



January 4, 2012

Why Abortion is Wrong: The Faith-Based Argument

   Why Abortion is Wrong is a series that attempts to view the issue of abortion from a number of different views and angles. In this series, we answer the age old question: Why is abortion wrong? You can see the whole series here.

   First, let's take a quick look at what we've covered in this series so far. We began by stating a logical argument against abortion, which went like this:
Premise 1: Murder is wrong.
Premise 2: Abortion is murder.
Conclusion: Therefore, abortion is wrong.

We then defined murder to be "the killing of an innocent human being with prior intent and knowledge of their act" and defended that definition. In the next post, we examined a couple of counterarguments against the argument and refuted them. Now, let's take a look at why abortion is wrong from a Christian perspective.


The Monthly Featured Prolife Activity for January is now on the Monthly page.  It is Students for Life.  Check out what you can do to start a prolife group on your college or high school campus!