January 30, 2012

Turn the Tide, 2012

You might have noticed the video at the top of the blog called Turn the Tide.  It is a video made by Students for Life (they actually happen to be the featured prolife activity this month) and when I saw it, I was quite inspired!  If you visit the website, http://www.turnthetide2012.com/, you can see the stories of all of the people that they mentioned in the video.  I love how they emphasize that this is a new year.  The tide is surely turning!  We may not see it in our everyday lives, but when we go looking for it, there are beautiful surprises waiting to be found.  A few things that have happened this year are:

And these are just a glimpse of all that has happened in 2011 (I know, I'm really late in the "looking back at 2011" post).  Enjoy the video and share it on your blogs, facebook, and twitter to spread the word!



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  1. Hey Aubry,

    I (finally) sent you a message on Rebelution. :)



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