October 21, 2011

Abby Johnson post

I was reading on Abby Johnson's blog the other day (abbyjohnson.org) and I came across this post:

Last year, I took my whole family to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., including my 4 year old daughter, Grace.  She frequently goes out to the abortion clinics with me to pray.  She knows what it means to be pregnant.  She has a very simplified understanding of abortion.  She had never been exposed to any graphic signs.  I knew she would be at the March for Life.  I didn’t know what she would say or how she would handle it, but I didn’t want to hide them from her.

We were walking to the March and walked by a large exhibit that showed graphic signs.  I thought, “Okay, here we go. She will definitely see this.”  When we got in front of the sign that showed an aborted baby at 24 weeks, she stopped and stared.  I stopped, knelt down beside her, put my hand on her shoulder and waited for her to respond.  She probably stood there and stared in silence for about 15 seconds (which is about the equivalent of a year in 4 year old time).  Then, she turned around and looked at me with a compassionate expression.  She pointed to the picture and said, “Mommy, that baby is broken.”  I smiled at the simplicity and accuracy of her observation.  I simply responded, “Yes, Grace. That baby has been broken.”  She grabbed my hand and started walking again....

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When I read this, I thought, if a four-year-old is not too young to stand up for the unborn, then we're not either!  Just some food for thought:)

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  1. Wow... Almost teary eyed here. :) (I've told you about how rarely that happens!)

    P.S. I like you, and I like your blog, too. Good job, Stewart. ;)


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