December 19, 2011


Jacob, don't laugh.

What could be better??? Pro-life message in country music! I found this video and when it was done I sat there, stunned. So powerful! Kenney Chesney sings this song, There Goes My Life.

See Jacob???? Country music really IS good! (Just so all of you understand, Jacob laughs at me for driving in my truck with the country music cranked up, window down, hair blowing, yeah, even throw in some cowboy boots!)


  1. Haha. I still refuse to call any country music good, at least by musical standards. By moral standards? Sure. Occasionally...

  2. Musical standards, musical standards!!! You're a drummer!!! All you care about is keeping me from speeding up (jk). Psh. I get most of my inspiration from country music for all my composition. And moral standards, yeah, country music isn't innocent, but let me tell you, country music is MUCH more innocent than pop music and it talks about MARRIAGE and CHURCH and guys loving girls for more than just their sexual appeal. Yeah, plus it has WAY more music variety than pop music. You should try drumming to it some time, I'll pick out some good songs for ya=D

  3. Wow! Good find, Aubry. I loved it.
    But about country music...I'll have to agree with Jacob. I never liked it much. Classical music is where it's at, almost tied with Broadway showtunes. ;)


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