December 30, 2011

Too Many Aborted

I don't have time to post one of my mammoth talk-a-lot posts (yeah, you guys love those, don't you???) so I thought I'd share a little video that I came across that caused me to stumble upon a new website called Too Many Aborted.  The thing about this website is that it is quite strong and in-your-face.  It also is mostly about the racism of pro-choice Planned Parenthood.  So, here's the thing, this website may go overboard a little bit in how strong they present their arguments.  Plus, they're touching on a very sensitive problem in our country, racism.  But what they say about Margaret Sanger being racist is true and what they say about Planned Parenthood targeting minority areas is true.  And the truth that they preach about the beauty of adoption is beautiful.  So, watch this video and let us know what you think about the video and the website and the work that Too Many Aborted is doing!

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