December 5, 2011

Why Abortion is Wrong

Hello everyone! My name is Jacob, and I've been friends with Aubry for several years now. I've been a part of this blog since it began, but I haven't done much on it. I started out writing a series on the candidates for the 2012 presidential election and their views on abortion (found here) but didn't finish because of a couple reasons: first, I didn't believe that it really mattered; it was too early, and not really aimed at what I believed was the key demographic of our blog. Second, and to be quite truthful, probably more key to why I stopped, I gave up. I didn't feel like I really had much to say, and I didn't feel like anyone would listen. I've since come to realize that both of those feelings were wrong, but I still struggled to find the time and the gumption to write. I was thinking about the blog over the weekend, and thinking of what I could write, when I got this idea. Over the next couple weeks, I am going to write a series of posts on why abortion is wrong from several different aspects. I'm going to start with a logical argument and then move on to counterarguments that pro-choice people may bring up against my argument. From there I'll move on to a Biblical, Faith-based argument, and go from there to whatever else I can think of. I hope you'll read through my posts and comment on them, whether you agree with me or disagree. Thanks for reading this and I can't wait to continue posting in the future.

In Christ,

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