June 13, 2011

June 17

June 17 is this Friday!  I am going to be making phone calls to my US senators and I'm really hoping that everyone reading this will too!  To help you out, I'll just tell you a few things that I would include in an email/letter:

  • Name and Age.  Your age will catch your senator's attention!
  • Why you believe abortion is wrong.  If you need help with this, email us at wecantignore@gmail.com.
  • "Please vote to defund Planned Parenthood because..."  This kind of goes along with why you think abortion is wrong.  If you would like statistics about abortion to use, click here.
  • "Thank you for serving our state and our country."  It is important to thank them for the hard work that they put in to serve our country.
These four things are all you really have to include in an email/letter.  Sometimes, the shorter the better!  Thank you to all of you who are protecting the unborn by contacting your senators!

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