June 30, 2011

Email President Obama and Secretary of Human Resources, Katherine Sebelius

So, anyone heard about how there have been four states so far who have completely cut funding for Planned Parenthood?

Yes!  And Indiana was the first.  Obviously, as the first, Indiana is getting the hardest time from President Obama and his secretary of human resources, Katherine Sebelius.

So, this is our job.  We're going to do something similar to what we did on June 17.  Except this is exciting.  We're going to email the President and Katherine Sebelius!

All you have to do is visit this link which will take you to a similar form as before on sba-list.org.  Same as last time, just enter your information, personalize your message, and send! 

Do it right now, before you forget!  This is a way that we can make a name for ourselves!  Thanks so much for protecting the unborn.

In Christ,


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