June 30, 2011

Doctors were earning more than $1,000 on an eight-hour shift, with two abortions an hour and in some cases three. Some worked two shifts a day and doubled their income… Physicians would fight for the paying cases, find reasons not to do patients whom the clergy had sent with a request for reduced rates, and disappear altogether when asked to do the free cases.
That's an excerpt from a book by Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D. called Aborting America. Dr. Nathanson was probably one of the biggest reasons abortion became legal in the United States. He was an abortion surgeon and made big money from it.

But now, he's realized that abortion is completely wrong, and he's written that book and one other about why. He, more than most pro-life people, know the evil of abortion completely and can vouch for the dishonesty of those who work in the abortion industry.

This is a song they used to sing back in the 70's when he was a big name:
There's a fortune . . . in abortion
Just a twist of the wrist and you're through.
The population . . . of the nation
Won't grow if it's left up to you.
In the daytime . . . in the nighttime
There is always some work to undo.
Oh, there's a fortune . . . in abortion
But you'll wind up in the pen before you're through.
Now there's a gold mine . . . in the sex line
And it's so easy to do.
Not only rabbits . . . have those habits
So why worry 'bout typhoid and flu?
You never bother . . . the future father
And there are so many of them, too.
Oh, there's a fortune . . . in abortion
But you'll wind up in the pen before you're through.
And this isn't just the mindset of 1973. This is today. This is what is happening now. As many would say, "So much for choice." The only thing those in charge of Planned Parenthood think of is money. (Those who are in charge on Planned Parenthood's finances. Most of those who work in abortion clinics do really want to help girls, and they don't know what is really happening. They don't understand what they're causing.)

This is what we're fighting right now. Greed. "Need" for what we want. And in our day and age, that is a huge enemy and hard to conquer. This is why we need to pray. This is why we need God on our side. And He is. For sure, He is. But if we're sitting around doing nothing but hope that the senators will vote in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood, or hope that someone else will do something, or hope that it will all just disappear and we won't have to do anything, nothing good will come out of that. If we are fervently praying, we will make a difference. If we are working hard to fight against abortion, we will make a difference. It takes faith and works. We can't ignore it anymore.



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