September 28, 2012

Small Bump

I just recently discoverd Ed Sheeran.  Like, whoah!  He's british and has an awesome accent (which unlike Adele, you really hear when he sings) and his radio hit "A-Team" is sweeping America right now.  "A-Team" is a really good song and deeper than most of the songs you hear on the radio.  It's basically about a girl who lives on the streets and the things she does.  It has a sad ending, but it rips people out of the normal "Let's go to bed" or you know, Taylor Swift, and makes you realize, "Oh yeah, there are people in the world who need help."  The cool thing about that is it's not from a Christian band like Casting Crowns or something.  It's a hit all over in secular radio.  Which is certainly different.

The video below is not "A-Team" however, it is another song by Ed Sheeran called "Small Bump".  Now, I have no idea if he is a Christian (by the things he says, I don't think he is, but you absolutely never know), but apparently he is pro-life.  Which is even more unheard of for a country in Europe than America!  I watched him in a recorded live performance and when he played this song, he said it was one of his favorite on the album.

Okay, now I'm done informing you about popular music and telling you of all the research I've done on Ed Sheeran.  Just watch this video!

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  1. I had this song pointed out to me a few weeks ago! I was wondering if he was pro-life, it's encouraging to see non-Christians standing up for what is right as well - all glory to God


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