April 13, 2011

Politics and Christians

"Christians should seek to influence civil government according to God's moral standards and God's purposes for government as revealed in the Bible (when rightly understood)... In addition, 'significant influence' does not mean angry, belligerent, intolerant, judgmental, red-faced, and hate-filled influence, but rather winsome, kind, thoughtful, loving, persuasive influence that is suitable to each circumstance and that always protects the other person's right to disagree, but that is also uncompromising about the truthfulness and moral goodness of the teachings of God's Word." 
this quote is from the Citizen magazine november issue.  when i read it today, i thought it really signified what christians should be doing in the pro-life movement.  christians shouldn't think that we can just storm the capitol and get it over with.  then abortion would be illegal and we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.  this isn't how it works.  as christians, even though storming the capitol won't work, we do need to be active in politics and what better time for us to start than now?  we need to lovingly proclaim the truth both to politicians and abortionists, but, though loving them, we can't back down.  there needs to be a balance.  we shouldn't judge them; we should have compassion on them instead.  just some food for thought:)

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