April 7, 2011

legislative stuff

Okay, so here is what i think is the easiest thing to do to help the pro-life movement. all you have to do is write a letter, send an email, or make a phone call. especially as teenagers, we will get the attention of our legislators. what you can do is this:

go to your state legislative website (just google (your state abbreviation) legislature and you should be able to find it, so like for california, ca legislature. washington's website is leg.wa.gov) and find your district (usually there's a place where you can enter your zip code and find your senators and representatives). then get the addresses, phone numbers, or emails of your senators or representatives and write them a hand written letter, email, or call them telling your name, age, maybe grade and that you would like to ask them to vote for or against certain bills. i'll keep updated bills on here for washington, oregon, california, and the whole country. make sure you call the right legislators. for example: you would call your representatives for House Bills (HB) and senator for Senate Bills (SB). but make sure you call your state senator/representative for state wide bills and your congressional senator/representative for nation wide bills. i'll be giving you ideas of things to do in later posts!


  1. Amazing! So proud of you and the step you are taking to make a change in the world you live in. I am excited to follow your bolg and learn about the abortion issue. Keep up the good work! Young people need leaders and you are one of them!Love you lots....

  2. hey i have to say at first (when u gave me home on this for class) i was like "Aubry what r u doing?" but this is great i'm going to be checking it often. lol this might sound weird but good job and i really look up to u for doing this

  3. thanks aunt damiah:) haha tyler...that's good that ur not mad at me for giving u homework...:D thanks:)

  4. aubry, its really cool that your stepping up and doing this, and trying to make other people to step up too. i am with tyler on this i really look-up to you. thanks


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