September 28, 2011


Okay, sorry we haven't posted in a while.  I will get more regular, I promise!  But...

...You read correctly.  I met Abby Johnson!!  I think I have the right to scream.

So, story behind that. 

I'm going to be starting volunteer work at my local Crisis Pregnancy Center (well I guess I already kind of have, sort of), next Monday.  I'm going to be the Administrative Assistant for the Volunteers Coordinator (I know, fancy title, and I'm only a volunteer, haha) which I'm super super super excited about.
 Anyways, the Volunteer's Coordinator needed ushers at this fundraiser for the Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) last night at which Abby Johnson was speaking, so she asked me if I could help with that, and of course I said yes.  After the event, Abby was signing books for people and I was assigned to be at the book signing table to help out.  So I was even excited to be doing that.  But there's more.

After the stream of people quieted down, Abby Johnson was talking to various people.  I stood there waiting and looking lost (haha, easy for me most of the time) waiting because I wanted to tell her about the impact that she made in my life when she spoke in March (to read the story of that, look at my page on the blog).  Janine came up to me and gave me a book (Abby had been giving away her books to those who gave to Life Services) and told me to get Abby to sign it.  Then, another woman who works at the CPC came up to me, gave me a Sharpie, and told me that she'd like to introduce me to Abby Johnson.  Needless to say, I was thrilled!

I was introduced to Abby Johnson and I asked her to sign my book.  Then I told her that God used her speech back in March to push me over the edge to get involved in the Pro-life movement.  I had heard God tell me to get involved many times before but I just pushed them away and ignored them.  But when I heard her speak, I decided I had to get involved.  She was excited when I said that and gave me a hug.  And then I left, super excited that I had met one of the people in this world that I had been dreaming of getting to meet!  I guess I'm a different teenager--I wouldn't care if I met Taylor Swift (except for maybe bragging rights or something) but I've always wanted to meet Abby Johnson ever since she spoke up here.  And I'm blessed to have met her.

So, there's the story behind all that!  Be looking for more stories about my experience at Life Services!  I'm soo excited to be there.  They have a maternity home for teenage moms and I'll be able to sometimes talk to the girls living there because they pass by the office I'll be working at all the time to do laundry and different things.  One of them has a baby (the cutest little baby EVER!!!) and another one is due in two weeks!!  The girls all seem really sweet, so I'm soo excited for the opportunity to talk to them, and maybe God will bless me by letting me form relationships with them!  My supervisor thinks that God will maybe eventually want me to be a counselor/mentor for girls that come in.  We decided it was wise for me to start with something more organizational, so we'll see what I end up doing.  Could you pray that God's will will be fulfilled through me volunteering there?

If you are volunteering or working at a pro-life organization, let us know in the comments on this post!  Or email us at  Thanks so much!



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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so jealous! I've wanted to meet her ever since I read her book a few months ago. She and Norma McCorvey are two of my biggest inspirations, I want to meet them both so bad.

    I'm so excited for you! That sounds like an incredible opportunity. I can't wait to read about how God uses you there! Keep us posted! :)


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